11 Best Coffee Shops in San Antonio in 2023

11 Best Coffee Shops in San Antonio

In 2023, San Antonio’s coffee scene has developed into an extensive array of fragrances, tastes, and atmospheres. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or just want to have one every now and then, you’ll find plenty of options in the city. We’re excited to introduce you to the 11 top coffee shops in San Antonio, each with its own character and menu of java-based treats. This guide will lead you through the fascinating world of San Antonio’s coffee culture, from unique brews to quaint cafes.

Indy Coffee Club-coffee-shop-in-san-antonio

1. Indy Coffee Club

Nestled near UTSA, Indy Coffee Club offers more than just coffee; it’s a lifestyle destination. Beyond the classic offerings, their limited-quantity cereal milk lattes steal the show, featuring rotating flavors like Fruity Pebbles and Cap’n Crunch. Keep an eye on their Instagram for new cereal milk latte releases and other seasonal specialties, such as the delectable Sean Pecanery, a coffee that embodies the essence of pecan pie. Don’t forget, online orders for takeout are available, making it convenient to savor their innovative concoctions.

Theory Coffee Company-coffee-shop-in-san-antonio

2. Theory Coffee Company

Situated on Nacogdoches, Theory Coffee Company’s permanent spot boasts outdoor seating and a permanent canopy, offering a comfortable space to enjoy their classic coffee offerings. You’ll find all your favorites, along with an oat milk alternative. The addition of neighboring food truck Naco Mexican adds to the experience. 

Merit Coffee Co-coffee-shop-in-san-antonio

3. Merit Coffee Co.

Originally the coffee roaster for Local Coffee, Merit Coffee Co. has emerged as a coffee powerhouse in San Antonio. Having rebranded most Local Coffee locations under the Merit name, this Texas chain has expanded into Austin and Dallas. The five San Antonio branches and their Pearl location offer a consistent quality that caters to coffee aficionados and newcomers alike.

Barrio Barista-coffee-shop-in-san-antonio

4. Barrio Barista

Located near St. Mary’s University, Barrio Barista brings the flavors of San Antonio to life with its horchata latte, a Westside delight. Embrace the unique tastes of the city with their coffees and San Antonio-inspired bites. The barbacoa grilled cheese, served on Texas toast with avocado slices, is a culinary adventure in itself. And with online ordering available, enjoying Barrio Barista’s offerings is effortless.

Gravves Coffee-coffee-shop-in-san-antonio

5. Gravves Coffee

Positioned next to Paper Tiger and Rumble, Gravves Coffee presents a fascinating contrast between its colorful, Southeast Asian-inspired drinks and its dark, gothic exterior. The Forest Dweller, an earthy green latte infused with pandan, and the Elixir latte, with its sweet and creamy ube flavor, stand out in their innovative menu. This coffee truck adds a burst of creativity to your early mornings.

Mila Coffee-coffee-shop-in-san-antonio

6. Mila Coffee

Mila Coffee is a favorite of both bikers and people who live or work downtown. It can be found at the Broadway News food truck park. Mila Coffee knows how to cater to different tastes by letting people add things like caramel and Mexican vanilla to their drinks. Being next to the famous Michoacán food truck Carnitas Don Ral makes it a popular place to go. Online ordering ensures a smooth experience.

Akhanay Coffee Roasters-coffee-shop-in-san-antonio

7. Akhanay Coffee Roasters

Akhanay Coffee Roasters infuses Southeast Asian culture into its offerings. This Downtown coffee truck delivers delights like es-yen (Thai iced coffee), Thai milk tea, and Hanoi egg coffee. The butterfly pea tea with honey lemon is a testament to their creativity. The vibrant blue truck parked outside Armadillo Boulders brings a taste of Southeast Asia to the heart of San Antonio.

Shotgun House Coffee Roasters-coffee-shop-in-san-antonio

8. Shotgun House Coffee Roasters

Nestled within an old sewing factory on the Westside, Shotgun House Coffee Roasters offers a unique experience. Specializing in craft beer, wine, and specialty lattes like matcha and horchata, it’s a cozy nook perfect for studying or casual coworking. Their minimalist approach creates a serene atmosphere, and online takeout orders are available for your convenience.

Eight Ball Coffee-coffee-shop-in-san-antonio

9. Eight Ball Coffee

Eight Ball Coffee, the newest establishment to be added to the list, has swiftly established itself as a favorite in Southtown. It has a simple decor and is located in the heart of the city, making it the perfect place to grab a cup of iced coffee in the middle of the day. Embrace the essence of minimalism and quality in each and every cup that you purchase from this warm and inviting coffee truck.

San Antonio Gold-coffee-shop-in-san-antonio

10. San Antonio Gold

Situated inside the Freight Gallery in the Lone Star District, San Antonio Gold offers a laid-back ambiance and cheerful baristas. The recent expansion with Pinky Ring inside the Hands Down bar highlights their growing popularity. With a commitment to creating a welcoming environment, San Antonio Gold has earned its place as a beloved coffee destination.

Folklores Coffee House-coffee-shop-in-san-antonio

11. Folklores Coffee House

Folklores Coffee House brings the warmth of independent coffee culture to San Antonio’s Southside. With a focus on sugary sweet coffees reminiscent of larger chains, their Siouxsie blend is a delightful concoction. The addition of a second location in Government Hill ensures that the Southside’s unique coffee experience is accessible beyond its borders.


Q1: Are these coffee shops suitable for both coffee enthusiasts and casual coffee drinkers?

Absolutely! Our list includes a diverse range of coffee shops, each offering something for everyone. Whether you’re a seasoned coffee aficionado seeking innovative brews or someone who enjoys a classic cup of joe, you’ll find options that cater to your preferences.

Q2: Do these coffee shops offer takeout options? 

Yes, many of the featured coffee shops provide convenient takeout options. You’ll find details about online ordering and takeout availability mentioned in each coffee shop’s description.

Q3: Are these coffee shops only for coffee? 

While coffee is the highlight, many of these coffee shops offer more than just a caffeine fix. Some provide specialty drinks, artisanal teas, and even unique culinary creations that pair perfectly with your chosen brew.

Q4: Can I find vegan or alternative milk options at these coffee shops? 

Absolutely! Several coffee shops on our list offer alternative milk options like oat milk for those who prefer non-dairy alternatives. This ensures that everyone can enjoy a personalized coffee experience.

Q5: Are these coffee shops family-friendly? 

Many of the coffee shops on our list are designed to accommodate families and individuals alike. You’ll find a range of atmospheres, from cozy corners for solo study sessions to spaces where families can relax and enjoy quality time together.

Q7: Can I find specialty or unique coffee drinks at these coffee shops? 

Definitely! Our featured coffee shops are known for their inventive and unique coffee creations. From cereal milk lattes to Southeast Asian-inspired drinks, you’ll find a variety of specialty beverages that are sure to intrigue your taste buds.

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