15 Best Coffee Shops in Houston in 2023

15 Best Coffee Shops in Houston

Coffee, a popular drink that wakes us up in the morning and gives us a break during the day, has become more than just a drink—it’s a cultural phenomenon. This is more evident than anywhere else in Houston, where the coffee culture has grown into a rich mix of tastes, smells, and experiences. From the busy streets of downtown to the quiet corners of quiet neighborhoods, Houston’s coffee shops have become more than just places to grab a cup of coffee. They are now hubs of creation, connection, and community. In 2023, Houston’s coffee scene is going through an upward trend. There are a lot of new places to get coffee that suit every taste and opinion. 


1. Slowpokes

Slowpokes welcomes the unhurried souls of Houston to either perk up or wind down. With four locations across the city, this attractive coffee house offers in-house brewed coffee, bottled cold brews, gourmet eats, and pastries sourced from local favorites like Angela’s Oven and Sinfull Bakery. The morning ambiance pairs perfectly with an Americano and a ham and brie croissant. For the afternoon crowd, happy hour from 4 p.m. offers $4 draft beers and $5 wines by the glass.

Tenfold Coffee Company-coffee-shop-in-houston

2. Tenfold Coffee Company

At Tenfold Coffee Company, the art of roasting is not just for show. This bar roasts its own brews and provides a fine atmosphere to enjoy them. The industrial-style setting is softened by tall, leafy plants and bathed in morning light through floor-to-ceiling windows. This space has become a haven for the work-from-home crowd seeking both exceptional coffee and a welcoming environment.

Blue Tile Coffee-coffee-shop-in-houston

3. Blue Tile Coffee

Named after the city’s iconic blue-and-white mosaic tiles, Blue Tile Coffee stands out as a caffeine haven. Owner Jonathan Elkins, a coffee veteran, uses locally roasted beans to craft an array of lattes, cappuccinos, and 24-hour Vietnamese cold brews. A nod to local tastes, they offer a selection of beloved breakfast tacos alongside their artisanal coffee creations.

Boomtown Coffee-coffee-shop-in-houston

4. Boomtown Coffee 

With a flagship in the Heights and a presence in downtown’s Understory food hall, Boomtown Coffee offers small-batch roasted goodness all day long. Their custom coffee combinations, such as the cinnamon-kissed milk and honey, bring bursts of flavor to your cup. Delight in avocado toasts, quiches, and tantalizing corn tortilla tacos that feature options like housemade chorizo and seasonal veggies.

Brass Tacks-coffee-shop-in-houston

5. Brass Tacks 

EaDo’s Brass Tacks serves up more than just coffee from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. (midnight on weekends). It’s an airy hangout doubling as a makeshift office, complete with Wi-Fi, quiet nooks, and even a “boardroom.” Their coffee offerings include French press, nitro cold brews, and a range of delectable foodstuffs from chorizo breakfast tacos to pork belly banh mi.

Catalina Coffee-coffee-shop-in-houston

6. Catalina Coffee 

A trailblazer in Houston’s coffee scene since 2007, Catalina Coffee offers a simple coffeehouse atmosphere, fresh pastries, and expertly brewed cups. Owner Max Gonzalez, also behind Amaya Roasting Company, sources beans globally to create nuanced roasts. Catalina Coffee embraces a Wi-Fi-free environment, fostering genuine connections and a focus on the art of brewing.

Day 6 Coffee Co-coffee-shop-in-houston

7. Day 6 Coffee Co.

Day 6 Coffee Co., which is located just outside of Market Square Park, has become a refuge for coffee lovers in the area. This urban hangout offers a diverse menu, from kolaches and tacos to croissants and cookies, as well as a selection of beverages. Because the coffee is drawn so skillfully and the foam is swirled so artistically, each latte is a masterpiece in terms of both its flavor and its appearance.

Duo Coffee & Pilates-coffee-shop-in-houston

8. Duo Coffee & Pilates

At Duo Coffee & Pilates, customers have the option of participating in both hard workouts and the consumption of caffeinated beverages. Pour-overs, lattes, cold brews, and overnight oats made in-house will keep you fueled and ready to take on the day whether you have a Pilates strength session scheduled or are just stopping by. 

Luce Coffee Roasters-coffee-shop-in-houston

9. Luce Coffee Roasters

From Bean to Brewmaster Entrepreneur and coffee educator Helen Choi founded Luce Coffee Roasters, a specialty coffee hub with a dedication to single-origin beans from around the world. With an extensive and well-executed roster of brews, their flagship in Garden Oaks even invites patrons to observe the bean roasting process and offers DIY classes.

Roast & Brew-coffee-shop-in-houston

10. Roast & Brew 

Greek-inspired Indulgence Transport yourself to the Mediterranean at Roast & Brew, where Freddo espresso reigns supreme. This Greek-inspired cafe delights with coffee, eats, and a selection of European and local draft beers and wines. Whether you choose the frothy Freddo espresso or explore their menu of Greek treats, it’s a journey worth savoring.

Segundo Coffee Lab-coffee-shop-in-houston

11. Segundo Coffee Lab

Adventures with a Scent, The renovated Ironworks building of Segundo Coffee Lab is in the heart of the Second Ward. It has welcoming smells and a unique focus on CBD and Delta-8 coffees. From dreamy Cafe de ollas to creative Thai lattes, their menu is as varied as the food they serve, like empanadas. Together, these make for a fascinating coffee experience.

Sunday Press-coffee-shop-in-houston

12. Sunday Press

All-day Elegance Ordinary Concepts, the team behind popular eateries, brings us Sunday Press, an all-day cafe with style and substance. Signature drinks like Honey Sea Salt and Butterfly Pea lattes stand alongside perfectly executed drips, nitro cold brews, and cappuccinos. This light-filled space also offers healthy options like cold-pressed juices and acai bowls.

Tenfold Coffee-coffee-shop-in-houston

13. Tenfold Coffee

Tenfold Coffee not only acts as an attraction for the neighborhood, but it also plays host to renowned cuisine pop-ups and provides a venue for inventive culinary expression. Tenfold is the place where coffee education and community connection come together, and you can experience both by partaking in their deliberately sourced beans and attending their Neighborhood Series coffee workshops.

The Tipping Point-coffee-shop-in-houston

14. The Tipping Point

Beyond Coffee Located in the historic W. L. Foley Building, The Tipping Point goes beyond excellent coffee. It’s a place of community, local art, and even a creative store and vintage shop. From dreamy honey cinnamon lattes to occasional pop-ups, it’s a spot where exceptional coffee and vibrant culture intersect.


15. Wild

Wild provides customers with an experience that is genuinely one of a kind by blurring the lines between coffee shop, bar, and dispensary. They allow you to experiment with your buzz by providing you with hemp-infused beverages such as hemp-infused lattes, hemp-infused coffee drinks, and hemp-infused mocktails. A once-in-a-lifetime experience is guaranteed when you visit Wild, which features various venues and even a restaurant with an immersive theme.

Final Thoughts:

Houston’s coffee culture has matured into an intricate mosaic of flavors and experiences. These 15 coffee shops in Houston, each with its own personality and offerings, provide a captivating journey through the city’s caffeine landscape. Whether you’re seeking a tranquil morning, an invigorating work session, or a creative hangout, Houston’s coffee shops are more than places to grab a cup – they’re an invitation to savor moments and connect with the community around you. Embrace the diversity, flavors, and stories that each of these coffee shops brings to Houston’s vibrant coffee culture in 2023.

(FAQs) – Houston’s Best Coffee Shops in 2023

Q1: Are these coffee shops suitable for remote work or studying? 

Yes, several of these coffee shops provide a welcoming atmosphere for remote work or studying. Places like Brass Tacks offer Wi-Fi, quiet corners, and even “boardroom” spaces, while Tenfold Coffee Company is a popular spot for the work-from-home crowd.

Q2: Do these coffee shops offer dairy-free or vegan options? 

Yes, many of the featured coffee shops are mindful of dietary preferences. Some, like Boomtown Coffee and Sunday Press, offer a range of options including dairy-free milk alternatives and vegan pastries.

Q3: Can I find unique coffee blends or single-origin beans at these coffee shops? 

Yes, for sure. For example, Luce Coffee Roasters works on single-origin beans from all over the world to make specialty coffees. Many of these coffee shops are known for their dedication to good beans and roasting methods.

Q4: Do any of these coffee shops have a special ambiance or aesthetic? 

Each coffee shop boasts its own unique atmosphere. Tenfold Coffee Company features an industrial-style space softened by lush plants, while places like Slowpokes offer attractive interiors paired with outdoor seating for a cozy vibe.

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