7 Best Coffee Shops in Atlanta November 2023

7 Best Coffee Shops in Atlanta

In the bustling heart of the South, where the vibrant rhythms of city life converge with southern hospitality, coffee culture thrives like never before. Atlanta in 2023, is not just a hub for culture, music, and business but also a paradise for coffee enthusiasts. Finding the perfect coffee shop in a city as dynamic as Atlanta is a quest that can lead to unforgettable discoveries. Whether you’re a caffeine connoisseur, a digital nomad seeking a cozy workspace, or simply someone who appreciates the art of a well-brewed cup, this guide is your passport to the best coffee experiences in the city. 

Join us as we journey through the streets of Atlanta to uncover the 7 best coffee shops that are elevating the city’s coffee game to new heights. 

Rev Coffee

Rev Coffee

Rev Coffee Nestled in the heart of Smyrna, a charming suburb in the metro Atlanta area, Rev Coffee is more than just a coffeehouse, it’s an experience. Picture this: a converted garage transformed into a funky haven for coffee lovers. It’s the kind of place that invites you to linger, with an atmosphere unlike any other.

Rev Coffee’s claim to fame is its commitment to quality. They take coffee seriously here, and it shows. Their beans are roasted right on the premises, ensuring that every cup is a fresh masterpiece. The menu is a coffee enthusiast’s dream, offering everything from classic favorites like cold brew and cappuccinos to artisanal delights like pour-overs and cortados. But wait, there’s more! Rev Coffee also caters to tea lovers, hot chocolate aficionados, and chai enthusiasts. Their secret delight is “Rev Mocha.” It’s a legend in its own right, made with their signature espresso and a luscious chocolate sauce. Every sip is a symphony of flavors that will have your taste buds dancing with delight.

Finca To Filter

Finca To Filter

Nestled in the charming West End neighborhood of Atlanta, you’ll discover a coffee lover’s paradise – Finca to Filter. This Atlanta gem is all about one thing: bringing the most delightful coffee experiences to its cherished customers.

From the rich, robust flavors of espresso to the simplicity of a well-brewed drip coffee, they’ve got it all. Fancy a meticulously crafted pour-over or a refreshing cold brew on a warm Atlanta day? You’re in luck – it’s all here. But the star of the show is the “Finca Latte,” a divine concoction of espresso and velvety steamed milk that’s become a local legend.

It’s not just about coffee, though. If you’re in the mood for something sweet or savory to pair with your brew, Finca to Filter has you covered. Their selection of pastries and baked goods is sure to satisfy your cravings. What sets this coffee shop apart, aside from its fantastic coffee and treats, is its warm and inviting atmosphere. It’s the kind of place where you can kick back, relax, and savor your coffee while soaking in the community spirit of the West End. And don’t be surprised if you stumble upon one of their celebratory events – Finca to Filter knows how to throw a good party.

East Pole Coffee Co.

East Pole Coffee Co.

In the vibrant Armour Yards neighborhood of Atlanta, you’ll uncover a coffee haven like no other – East Pole Coffee Co. This gem of a coffee bar and roastery has made a name for itself by crafting some of the finest coffee in town, starting right from the source with single-origin green coffee beans roasted onsite.

Step inside and you’ll be greeted by a menu that reads like a coffee lover’s dream. Whether you’re craving the bold kick of espresso, the comforting simplicity of drip coffee, the artistry of a pour-over, or the refreshing zing of cold brew, they have it all. And don’t leave without trying their signature “Honey Cinnamon Latte” – a delightful blend of espresso, steamed milk, honey, and cinnamon that’s nothing short of enchanting.

But it’s not just about the coffee, East Pole Coffee Co. knows that good coffee deserves good company. That’s why you’ll find a selection of pastries and baked goods to complement your brew. The atmosphere here is as inviting as the coffee is delicious, making it a perfect spot to gather, relax, and enjoy a cup with friends or fellow coffee enthusiasts.

Brash Coffee

Brash Coffee

Tucked away in the vibrant city of Atlanta, you’ll stumble upon Brash Coffee – a coffee lover’s hidden gem. This small cafe is a converted shipping container, and that’s where the magic begins. The unique and funky atmosphere sets the stage for a coffee experience like no other.

Brash Coffee is all about quality. They’re on a mission to serve the finest single-origin coffees, and they do it by roasting those beans right on the spot. As you step inside, you’re welcomed by a menu that caters to every coffee craving. Whether you prefer the bold punch of espresso, the simplicity of drip coffee, the artistry of pour-overs, or the refreshing kick of cold brew, they’ve got your back. While their most famous drink isn’t clear, rest assured that every sip at Brash Coffee is a delightful journey. And to make your coffee experience even better, they offer a range of pastries and baked goods that pair perfectly with your cup.

Read Shop

Read Shop

Nestled in the charming Vinings Jubilee shopping center in Atlanta, you’ll find a true gem – Read Shop by The Merchant. This cozy coffee shop seamlessly blends the love for coffee and books into an inviting experience.

When you step inside, you’re greeted by a menu that offers all your classic coffee shop favorites. From the rich flavors of espresso to the comforting warmth of drip coffee and the cool embrace of cold brew, they’ve got it all. What makes it even better? They’ve partnered with Stumptown Coffee, known for their sustainably sourced, high-quality beans. Your cup of joe is not just delicious; it’s ethically sourced too.

And speaking of treats, there’s a selection of pastries and baked goods that perfectly complement your coffee. But what truly sets Read Shop apart is its unique atmosphere. It’s not just a coffee shop, it’s a boutique bookstore as well. Picture this: you can sip your latte while browsing for your next literary adventure. It’s a book lover’s dream come true.

Chrome Yellow Trading

Chrome Yellow Trading

In Atlanta’s historic Old Fourth Ward, tucked away in a mid-century era garage, you’ll discover Chrome Yellow Trading Co. – a coffee shop and roastery like no other. Its unique and minimalist atmosphere sets the stage for a coffee experience that’s equal parts art and flavor.

The menu at Chrome Yellow Trading Co. is a coffee lover’s dream come true. From the bold kick of espresso to the comforting warmth of drip coffee and the artisanal charm of pour-overs, they have it all. They source their coffee beans from respected roasters like Stumptown and Methodical, ensuring every cup is a masterpiece.

But Chrome Yellow Trading Co. isn’t just about coffee and food, it’s an experience. With both indoor and outdoor seating, it’s the perfect spot to unwind. Plus, there’s a cool men’s and women’s apparel shop on-site, adding to the unique vibe. So, if you find yourself in the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood of Atlanta and crave a coffee shop that combines great brews with a stylish and welcoming atmosphere, Chrome Yellow Trading Co. is the place to be. 

Urban Grind

Urban Grind

Nestled in Atlanta’s trendy West Midtown neighborhood, Urban Grind isn’t just a coffeehouse, it’s a vibrant hub for coffee connoisseurs, artists, and the community.  Their menu boasts specialty coffees, teas, delectable panini sandwiches, pastries, and desserts to satisfy your cravings. While their most famous drink remains a mystery, the real star here is the sense of community they cultivate.

By day, Urban Grind is a soothing haven where you’ll find folks studying, working on projects, brainstorming startup ideas, or simply catching up with friends. But when the sun sets, this coffee spot transforms into an artistic haven. They host film screenings, poetry slams, discussion groups, and art exhibits, making it a true cultural gem in the city.

Owned by members of the Black community, Urban Grind stands as a beacon in West-Midtown Atlanta. Locals and visitors alike flock here, making it a vital part of daily life for many Atlantans. Eater Atlanta has recognized its significance, listing Urban Grind as one of the city’s essential coffee shops.

FAQs – Atlanta Coffee Shops

Q1. Do Atlanta coffee shops offer specialty coffee drinks?

Yes, many coffee shops in Atlanta specialize in crafting a variety of specialty coffee drinks, including espresso-based beverages, pour-over coffee, and unique concoctions.

Q2. Are there any coffee shops in Atlanta with a cozy ambiance for reading or working?

Absolutely! Several coffee shops in Atlanta offer comfortable seating and a conducive atmosphere for reading, studying, or working. Be sure to ask about Wi-Fi availability and workspace options.

Q3. Can I buy coffee beans to take home from these coffee shops? 

Yes, many Atlanta coffee shops sell bags of coffee beans so that you can enjoy their coffee in the comfort of your home.

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