7 Best Coffee Shops In Mesa November 2023

7 Best Coffee Shops In Mesa

Nestled in sunny Mesa, Arizona, a city known for its stunning desert vistas and Southwestern charm, there’s more brewing than just natural beauty. In 2023, Mesa is making its mark as a vibrant coffee destination. Here, you’ll find not just a caffeine fix, but a genuine coffee adventure. From cozy nooks for quiet reflection to lively meeting spots, Mesa’s coffee shops have it all. Join us as we explore the aromatic world of Mesa’s 7 Best Coffee Shops, where every cup promises perfection and unforgettable moments in the heart of Arizona.

Jarrod's Coffee, Tea & Gallery

Jarrod’s Coffee, Tea & Gallery 

Jarrod’s Coffee, Tea & Gallery is not just your ordinary coffee stop in Mesa, it’s a vibrant hub of creativity and caffeine. Nestled at 154 W Main St, this charming café offers more than just a cup of joe.

What makes Jarrod’s Coffee, the place to be? Well, it’s not just your regular coffee spot; it’s also an art gallery. Imagine sipping your coffee surrounded by beautiful local artwork and jewelry – it’s a coffee break turned into a cultural experience. But there’s more to Jarrod’s than just its looks. This coffee shop comes alive with exciting events like live music and captivating art exhibitions. It’s the perfect place to connect with the local community and discover emerging talents. While coffee takes the spotlight, their menu goes beyond with options like teas, smoothies, and Italian sodas for those looking to explore beyond the coffee cup.

The Organic Bean Cafe

The Organic Bean Cafe

The Organic Bean Cafe in Mesa isn’t your run-of-the-mill coffee spot, it’s a haven for coffee lovers who are also health-conscious. Situated at 40 N Macdonald St, this cafe takes the concept of “organic” to heart.

What makes The Organic Bean Cafe stand out? Well, their claim to fame starts with a dedication to using 100% organic ingredients in all their drinks. If you love coffee that’s not only tasty but also eco-friendly, this is your spot. But hold on, there’s more than just coffee on their menu. Tea fans, smoothie lovers, and even Italian soda enthusiasts will find something to enjoy. What’s really impressive is their commitment to catering to different dietary needs, including options for vegans and those on a keto diet. So, whether you’re sipping coffee or trying another drink, you can feel good about it.

Lost Dutchman Coffee

Lost Dutchman Coffee 

Lost Dutchman Coffee is more than just a coffee house, it’s a Downtown Mesa gem that elevates your coffee experience. Nestled at 12 N Center St, this cozy spot offers a taste of the world in every cup.

What makes Lost Dutchman Coffee special? Well, they take their coffee seriously. They roast their own unique beans, sourced from coffee regions all over the world. That means you get to experience coffee flavors from different continents, right here in Downtown Mesa.

But it’s not just coffee at Lost Dutchman, their menu goes beyond smoothies, ice cream, and even breakfast and lunch options. If you’re in the mood for something indulgent, you’ve got to try their gelato from Lombardo’s – a local expert with over fifteen years of Italian gelato mastery. Now, let’s talk about the star of the show – Dutchman’s Mocha. It’s their signature drink and a must-try for anyone who visits. But it’s not just about what’s in your cup, it’s also about where you enjoy it. Lost Dutchman Coffee’s cozy wood-paneled interior creates the perfect atmosphere to unwind with your coffee. 

Pair Cupworks

Pair Cupworks 

Pair Cupworks is more than just a coffee bar, it’s a specialty coffee haven tucked away in Downtown Mesa, Arizona. Find it at 31 S Robson #103, nestled inside Cider Corps, and prepare for a coffee experience like no other.

What’s the buzz all about? Well, they’re all about quality coffee, premium loose-leaf tea, and seasonal drinks that hit the spot every time. But what sets Pair Cupworks apart is their commitment to making specialty coffee and tea approachable. The founders, Kimhak Em, and Eugenia Tai, have mastered the art of crafting exceptional beverages while keeping things down to earth.

Buddha's Brew

Buddha’s Brew 

Buddha’s Brew is a creative hub in Mesa, Arizona, where coffee meets music, food, and art. Find it at 710 E Main St., and prepare to immerse yourself in a world of artistic inspiration. This cafe is a welcoming haven for local creatives. Whether you’re into coffee, music, food, or art, Buddha’s Brew has it all. And for those with dietary restrictions, they’ve got you covered with a full vegan alternative menu.

But what truly sets Buddha’s Brew apart is the love it receives from its patrons. Positive reviews on platforms like Yelp and social media are a testament to the quality of their coffee, the friendly staff, and the warm, welcoming atmosphere. In a city where creativity flows like coffee, Buddha’s Brew stands out as a unique destination that celebrates coffee, music, food, and art. It’s the place where caffeine and creativity collide, making it a must-visit for coffee lovers and creative souls alike.

The Nile Coffee Shop

The Nile Coffee Shop 

The Nile Coffee Shop is your friendly neighborhood coffee spot, nestled in the heart of Downtown Mesa, Arizona, at 105 W Main St.

What sets this place apart is its commitment to inclusivity. If you have dietary restrictions, you’ll feel right at home here. The Nile Coffee Shop offers a full vegan breakfast and lunch menu, ensuring that everyone can find something delicious to savor. When it comes to coffee, they take it seriously. You’ll enjoy locally roasted coffee drinks that are as fresh as they come. And if you’re in the mood for a snack, their in-house baked pastries are the perfect companions to your coffee journey.

Little Jupiter Cafe

Little Jupiter Cafe 

Little Jupiter Cafe might not be located in Mesa, but it’s making waves in the neighboring town of Gilbert, Arizona, specifically at 876 N McQueen Rd.

If you find yourself there, you’re in for a treat. This cafe offers a variety of coffee and tea drinks, with everything from espresso to cappuccinos on the menu. It’s the perfect place to cozy up with a warm cup of your favorite brew. But what sets Little Jupiter Cafe apart is its flair for creativity. They host pop-up dinners, giving you a chance to enjoy a unique dining experience. It’s more than just a cafe, it’s a place to explore new flavors and connect with fellow food enthusiasts.


Q1: Do these coffee shops offer free Wi-Fi?

Yes, many coffee shops in Mesa provide free Wi-Fi for customers. It’s a great way to catch up on work, study, or simply stay connected while enjoying your coffee.

Q2: Are there vegan or gluten-free options available?

Absolutely! Several coffee shops in Mesa offer vegan and gluten-free alternatives for drinks and food. Just ask the friendly staff, and they’ll be happy to help.

Q3: Can I host meetings or events at these coffee shops?

Many coffee shops in Mesa have cozy atmospheres perfect for small meetings or gatherings. Some even offer private event spaces. It’s a good practice to contact them in advance to discuss your needs.

Q4: Can I buy their coffee beans to brew at home?

Absolutely! Most coffee shops offer their coffee beans for sale, so you can enjoy your favorite brew at home. Check with each cafe for availability and pricing.

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