7 Best Coffee Shops in Minneapolis November 2023

7 Best Coffee Shops in Minneapolis

There’s something magical about the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, the comforting warmth of a cup in hand, and the inviting ambiance of a local coffee shop. In the bustling heart of the Midwest, Minneapolis has quietly but passionately embraced the art of coffee culture. As we step into 2023, the city’s coffee scene is more vibrant and enticing than ever before. Minneapolis, often celebrated for its lakes, parks, and cultural diversity, has also become a hub for those seeking exceptional coffee experiences. Whether you’re a dedicated caffeine connoisseur or simply in search of a welcoming space to unwind, Minneapolis has a coffee shop to suit your every craving. 

Spyhouse Coffee Roasters

Spyhouse Coffee Roasters 

Spyhouse Coffee Roasters is not your typical coffee shop, it’s a coffee lover’s paradise with a dedication to exceptional coffee. While they may not have one single famous drink, what sets them apart is their commitment to sourcing, roasting, and serving coffee that’s truly special. You can choose from classic options like espresso, cappuccino, latte, or simply drip coffee.

They take their coffee craft seriously, with a roasting facility right in Minnesota. But it’s not just about the coffee, it’s about the community. Spyhouse Coffee Roasters has a vibe that’s all about connecting people with the art of specialty coffee. They offer unique and artistic coffee experiences that make every visit memorable.

If you’re a true coffee enthusiast, you’ll love their coffee subscription service, which lets you customize your coffee deliveries just the way you like them. And when you step into one of their cafés in Minneapolis, you’ll notice their minimalist and rustic design, creating a stylish and cozy atmosphere.

Five Watt Coffee

Five Watt Coffee 

Five Watt Coffee, nestled in the Kingfield neighborhood of Minneapolis, is not your ordinary coffee shop—it’s a place where innovation and tradition meet in a perfect cup. Their famous drink, “The Kingfield,” is a testament to their neighborhood pride. This espresso-based delight combines steamed milk with a dash of vanilla and black Hawaiian sea salt, giving your taste buds a truly unique experience.

Step into Five Watt Coffee, and you’ll find a minimalist and rustic design that sets the stage for a stylish and inviting atmosphere. Feeling peckish? Their food menu includes pastries, sandwiches, and salads to complement your coffee adventure. What truly makes Five Watt Coffee stand out are its innovative coffee creations, where they play with unique ingredients to craft drinks that are nothing short of art.

Dogwood Coffee Co

Dogwood Coffee Co. 

Dogwood Coffee Co. is a coffee lover’s haven in Minneapolis, where every cup is a celebration of exceptional coffee. Their claim to fame? The Nitro Cold Brew—a beverage that has earned its place in the spotlight. But Dogwood Coffee Co. is about much more than one drink, it’s a haven for coffee aficionados.

Step inside, and you’ll be greeted by a minimalist and rustic design that exudes a stylish and cozy ambiance. It’s the perfect backdrop for your coffee journey, where you can explore a diverse menu of coffee drinks, from the classic espresso to creamy lattes and the comforting drip coffee. Yet what truly sets Dogwood Coffee Co. apart is its dedication to creating unique and artful coffee experiences. It’s a place that takes coffee seriously but never forgets the importance of community.

Quixotic Coffee

Quixotic Coffee 

Quixotic Coffee, nestled in the Highland Park neighborhood of St. Paul, is all about crafting exceptional hand-crafted beverages with a local twist. While they may not have one famous drink that steals the spotlight, what they offer is a commitment to high-quality coffee made with local ingredients and a local touch.

Quixotic Coffee has something for every coffee lover, whether you’re into bold espresso, cozy cappuccinos, creamy lattes, or classic drip coffee. But it’s not just about the coffee, they’ve got a delicious selection of pastries, sandwiches, and salads that pair perfectly with your cup of joe.

And here’s the cool part: if you need a special place for a coffee get-together, they even have a meeting room you can rent. What makes Quixotic Coffee even more fascinating is that it’s the brainchild of Jake Nelson, who also owns Blackeye Roasting Co., so you know you’re getting a taste of the local coffee scene when you visit.

Fairgrounds Coffee & Tea

Fairgrounds Coffee & Tea 

Fairgrounds Coffee & Tea is where coffee and tea enthusiasts come together for a truly unique experience. Their claim to fame? The Nitro Cold Brew—a beverage that’s all the buzz. But Fairgrounds Coffee & Tea doesn’t stop at one drink, they’re all about offering a diverse range of brews, from espresso to matcha, tea, and a tantalizing list of elixirs.

What’s interesting is their rotation of local roasters, featuring names like Spyhouse and Dogwood, ensuring you get a taste of the best Minneapolis has to offer. But Fairgrounds Coffee & Tea isn’t just a local gem, it has multiple locations across the United States, from Chicago to Milwaukee and Dallas. So, if you’re looking for a place to enjoy top-notch coffee, tea, and a unique array of elixirs while supporting a community-oriented coffee and tea shop, Fairgrounds Coffee & Tea is your go-to spot in Minneapolis.

Fireroast Coffee & Wine

Fire roast Coffee & Wine

Fireroast Coffee & Wine is more than just a coffee shop—it’s a cozy neighborhood hub. While they might not have one famous drink stealing the spotlight, what they excel at is locally roasted coffee, light bites, and delightful sweet treats.

Step inside, and you’ll discover a welcoming atmosphere with both indoor and outdoor seating. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a diverse menu of coffee drinks, from bold espresso to comforting cappuccinos, lattes, and classic drip coffee. And if you’re looking for something unique, they also offer house-made drinks like natural chai and herb-infused lemonade.

But Fireroast Coffee & Wine goes beyond coffee, their food menu features fresh, homemade baked goods, sandwiches, and soups. It’s a place where quality food and beverages meet community spirit, nurturing connections among neighbors. What sets them apart is their commitment to serving not just coffee but also wine and beer, making it a versatile spot for different tastes. Open seven days a week, from early morning to evening, they’re always ready to serve you.

Milkweed Coffee

Milkweed Coffee 

Milkweed Coffee is a cafe with a unique twist—it’s all about community and nourishing, gut-healing food and drinks. While they may not have one famous drink in particular, what sets them apart is their innovative approach to blending plant medicine with traditional coffee shop offerings.

As you step inside, you’ll discover a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, complete with both indoor and outdoor seating. Milkweed Coffee takes pride in being a gluten-free cafe, offering a delightful array of gluten-free baked goods. And if you’re looking to customize your drink, they’ve got you covered with four types of non-dairy milks, including the intriguing pistachio oat. But what makes Milkweed Coffee even more special is its dedication to using organic beans sourced by Roastery 7 of Brooklyn Center. 

So, if you’re on the hunt for high-quality coffee and gluten-free food while supporting a community-driven cafe that incorporates the healing power of plant medicine into traditional coffee shop fare, Milkweed Coffee is your go-to spot in Minneapolis.

FAQs – Minneapolis Coffee Shops

Q1: What sets Minneapolis coffee shops apart from the rest?

Minneapolis coffee shops pride themselves on a unique blend of artistry and community spirit. They don’t just serve coffee, they craft experiences. Each cafe has its own story and style, making exploring them an adventure.

Q2: Do Minneapolis coffee shops cater to non-coffee drinkers?

Absolutely! Minneapolis coffee shops understand that not everyone is a coffee enthusiast. You’ll find a variety of tea, hot chocolate, and specialty drinks for those seeking alternatives to coffee.

Q3: Are these coffee shops eco-friendly?

Many Minneapolis coffee shops are committed to sustainability. They use compostable cups and utensils, support local roasters, and emphasize ethical sourcing. Your cup of coffee often comes with a side of environmental responsibility.

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