Top 5 Bluestone Lane Jersey City Coffee Shops

bluestone lane jersey city coffee shop

Bluestone lane jersey City is a bustling metropolis with a thriving coffee culture, and it offers a wide variety of one-of-a-kind locations where one can get a cup of joe. Whether you are a local resident seeking for a new hangout or a tourist wanting to immerse yourself in the city’s local culture, these coffee shops should be on your list of places to check out.

The Grind Coffee Shop

1. The Grind Shop

Situated at 360 Communipaw Ave in the Bergen-Lafayette neighborhood of Jersey City, The Grind Shop offers a trendy atmosphere and high-quality brews. It is known for its unique black and tan from the press, a coffee mix that has won many people’s hearts. 

The shop’s interior is beautifully designed, featuring USB outlets for device charging, making it an excellent spot for remote work or study. They serve a good mix of baked goods to pair with your coffee and offer soy and almond milk as non-dairy alternatives. The Grind Shop is a place that truly values the coffee experience and has quickly become a beloved part of the community.

Phone: +1 201-547-8377

Modcup Cafe

2. Modcup Cafe

Revered for serving the best espresso in bluestone lane jersey, this shop takes its coffee seriously. Customers also praise the chai for its spiciness and the coffee for its exceptional taste. Aside from the excellent beverages, the Modcup Cafe team provides top-notch service and creates a warm, inviting atmosphere. 

The charm of the cafe is enhanced by the superb musical taste of the employees. In Jersey City, Modcup Cafe is an establishment that you simply must go to if you want to satisfy your craving for a flavorful chai or a robust espresso.

Phone: +1 201-798-1666

Froth on Franklin coffee shop

3. Froth on Franklin

Located at 85 Franklin St in The Heights neighborhood, Froth on Franklin is a cozy coffee shop with a simple and straightforward approach to coffee. Customers appreciate its range of coffee and pastries, and the friendly staff adds to the overall positive experience. In spite of the fact that it is not as well known as some of the other coffee shops in Jersey City, Froth on Franklin has established a name for itself thanks to the value it focuses on providing excellent service and products.

Phone: +1 201-533-8021

Lackawanna Coffee

4. Lackawanna Coffee

Lackawanna Coffee can be found at 295 Grove Street, close to Van Vorst Park. They provide a diverse selection of coffee beverages, one of which is iced coffee prepared in the Japanese style, which is more potent than the standard iced coffee kind. The store also provides options for vegan clients, such as almond and macadamia nut milk, as part of its services. 

Customers adore spending time in the cafe’s backyard, and the service crew consistently receives compliments on their outstanding work. In addition, they provide vegan muffins, tuna toast, and a selection of carefully picked groceries, which makes it an excellent location for getting a dose of caffeine while also grabbing a bite to eat.

Maggie’s Farm Espresso

5. Maggie’s Farm Espresso

Maggie’s Farm Espresso, which can be found in the Exchange Place North area at 88 Morgan Street, is adored by the residents for its kind and welcoming service as well as its outstanding coffee and mouthwatering sandwiches. 

The food is said to be robust and satisfying, while the store itself is said to have a pleasant and cozy atmosphere. Maggie’s Farm Espresso is a venue that is definitely worth checking out, regardless of whether you are looking for a fast hit of caffeine or a place to settle down and enjoy a meal.

Phone: +1 201-360-0084


bluestone lane jersey city has a vibrant coffee culture with numerous highly-rated coffee shops, each offering unique experiences and quality brews. These cafes cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a spicy chai, espresso, Japanese-style iced coffee, vegan muffins, or even a coffee-based dessert like Affogato, these coffee shops have something for everyone. Most of them also provide amenities such as free Wi-Fi, USB outlets for charging, and comfortable spaces to relax and enjoy your drink.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are the top coffee shops in Jersey City?

According to a list from Foursquare, the top coffee shops in Jersey City include The Grind Shop, Modcup Cafe, Froth on Franklin, Lackawanna Coffee, Gregory’s Coffee, Maggie’s Farm Espresso, and Hybrid Coffee.

Q2: Which coffee shop in Jersey City has the best view?

Gregory’s Coffee, located at 10 Exchange Pl, is known for its view of Manhattan, especially at sunset. Hybrid Coffee at 2 Exchange Pl is also praised for its city views.

Q3: Are there coffee shops in Jersey City that offer vegan options?

Yes, several coffee shops offer vegan options. For instance, Lackawanna Coffee serves vegan muffins, and The Grind Shop provides soy and almond milk non-dairy alternatives.

Q4: Which coffee shop is noted for its music in Jersey City?

Modcup Cafe, located at 479 Palisade Ave, is highly commended for its taste in music, providing a relaxing atmosphere for its customers.

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