Can Starbucks Sandwiches Be Customized?

Can Starbucks Sandwiches Be Customized

Are you a frequent visitor at Starbucks but sometimes find yourself wishfully staring at the menu, longing for a twist to your usual breakfast sandwich? Or perhaps you’re intrigued by their lunch options yet yearn for a little personalization – the addition of a little more this, a little less that? If you’ve ever pondered the possibilities of tweaking Starbucks’ pre-made sandwiches to better suit your taste buds or dietary preferences, you are not alone. In this article, we’ll explore the extent to which Starbucks sandwiches can indeed be customized and share some tips on how to order your next sandwich just the way you like it.

What’s on the Menu?

Starbucks is most well-known for its comprehensive coffee menu, but over the years, it has expanded its offerings to include an array of food items, including baked pastries, salads, and, of course, sandwiches. The breakfast sandwiches have become particularly popular, known for their convenience and diverse flavor combinations. In the lunch department, you’ll find a variety of paninis and deli sandwiches that make for a more substantial meal.

Can You Customize Starbucks Sandwiches?

Now, the burning question: can you tweak these items to satiate your customized cravings? The short answer is: yes, but with limitations.

Starbucks sandwiches are pre-made, and while they may be warm and toasty, customization options are somewhat restricted compared to establishments that make sandwiches to order. Nevertheless, there are a few adjustments that can generally be accommodated by your barista.

How to Customize

When it comes to customization, you might have to think beyond the traditional concept of sandwich personalization, where every ingredient can be handpicked or altered. Instead, focus on the following achievable tweaks:

1. Ask for Omission of Ingredients

Removing certain ingredients is typically the easiest form of customization at Starbucks. If you don’t want cheese, meat, or a condiment that comes on the sandwich, you can usually request that these be left out when reheating. This is particularly helpful for those following specific diets or with food intolerances.

2. Double Up on an Ingredient

While it might be challenging to add different ingredients to your sandwich, sometimes it’s possible to double up on something that’s already part of the menu item. For example, if you desire extra bacon or cheese, and the store has a readily available supply, they might be able to accommodate this request for an additional cost.

3. Combine Sandwich Parts

If you don’t mind paying for two sandwiches, you can get creative by combining elements from both. This “hack” affords you some level of customization. You could take the egg from one sandwich and the sausage from another to create your version of the perfect breakfast sandwich (be aware, though, that this will ring up as two separate purchases).

4. Add Sauces or Spreads

While Starbucks might not be able to add a slice of tomato or change the type of bread, you can often request sauces or spreads available in the store. For example, you can ask for a packet of mayonnaise, mustard, or even Sriracha to amp up your sandwich. This simple trick can transform the flavor profile with minimal fuss.

5. Temperature Adjustments

Believe it or not, even the temperature at which your sandwich is served can be a pivotal factor in your enjoyment. If you prefer your sandwich lightly toasted or extra crispy, just let the barista know. They can usually adjust the toasting level to your preference.

What You Can’t Do

It’s equally important to know your limits when it comes to customizing at Starbucks:

  • You can’t add ingredients that are not already part of the sandwich.
  • You can’t swap components directly from one sandwich to another without purchasing both items.
  • You can’t request made-to-order sandwiches that are not on the menu.

The Art of Ordering

To ensure the best experience, it’s useful to know how to order your customized sandwich. Here are some tips:

Be Clear and Concise

When you’re asking for customization, be as clear as possible. Specify exactly what you’d like to be removed or added, and be straightforward to avoid confusion.

Understand the Limitations

Always approach the situation knowing that there might be limitations based on the store’s policy or inventory. Be prepared for the possibility that your request can’t be met, and have a backup plan in mind.

Order During Off-Peak Hours

If you want to increase the likelihood of getting a customized sandwich, try ordering during less busy hours. Baristas are usually more able to attend to special requests when there isn’t a long line of customers waiting.

Be Patient and Grateful

Remember that you’re asking for a favor, so be patient and polite. The baristas are following store policies and trying to maintain the speed and efficiency of their service, so a kind demeanor goes a long way.


Customization at Starbucks is somewhat of a mixed bag – you can’t quite have your sandwich exactly your way, but there is a little wiggle room to modify existing menu items. The key to success is knowing the limitations and finding creative within them to craft a sandwich that satisfies your cravings. By asking for certain ingredients to be omitted, doubling up on some components, combining parts of different sandwiches, adding sauces, or adjusting the toasting level, you can elevate your Starbucks sandwich experience. So next time you’re in line at Starbucks, don’t be afraid to (politely) ask if you can customize your sandwich – you might be pleasantly surprised by what is possible.

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